Thursday, January 10, 2019

Storytelling with comics

Comics is an interesting and creative means of expression. The most important aspect of it is that one can give strong message in a very light hearted and non – threatening manner. The focus of the grassroots comics is always on the issues, not the drawing skills. Grassroots Comics are inexpensive and the methodology is not complicated. Unlike presumed, it does not require high literacy or artistic skills.

Every moment, an individual creates a story of his/her own. These stories can be their experience of love, fulfillment of dream, anger, protest etc. 'Storytelling with comics' is the method where the individual tells his/her story, write it down and make comics out of it. Through this workshop, the participants are introduced to how to write a story, basics of drawing, convert the story into comics with visuals and dialog. 

  • This workshop can also be used to document the impact stories, assessment of any program in an interesting form.  
  • This workshop is ideally conducted with 20  participants (as it requires lots of individual interaction and attention). Person with even functional literacy can participate. 
  • This is a Three day workshop. This includes enhancing basic drawing and story making skills of the participants and translating the stories into comics. 
  • Different communication materials can be made from the key messages and visuals created by the participants of the workshop.

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