Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kaleidoscope- a collection of six comics made by the youth

Kaleidoscope is a collection of six comics with different flavours. A bunch of youths have expressed their views using comics. May be this book will open a new window for you to see the world in different perspective.

While going through the pages of Kaleidoscope, you may recall that play ground, where today stands a huge skyscraper. The other page may take you to a village, where the birds are protesting against child marriage. A ray of smile may come to your face, the next moment you may start thinking “ eh, no! it should be stopped !”. My friend, that very thought will be your addition to the Kaleidoscope. In Kaleidoscope, you will find a young girl is stuck in the conflict between religion and love, while another of her age is exploring Gandhigiri to change the society.

Kaleidoscope is a amazing collage with the shades of emotions ! It’s not a fabricated story, in Kaleidoscope the youths have shared their experiences and perspectives towards life.

The interesting fact is that, none of these youngsters are so called ‘artists’. Some of them have drawn for the first time. If these pieces of black and white comics stimulate some thoughts within you, then we will feel that the efforts have been fruitful.