Monday, November 29, 2010

Maath vs Flat

Sourav is a student of class nine. He loves to play. He used to spend his leisure hours plying with his friends in the empty surroundings near his house in Kolkata. But now the vacant spaces are all getting occupied one after another...

The comics "Field vs Flat" is the tale of those fields which have been long lost amongst the jungle of concrete.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

a comics on the real incident of sexual harassment: made by Kakoli

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kaleidoscope- a collection of six comics made by the youth

Kaleidoscope is a collection of six comics with different flavours. A bunch of youths have expressed their views using comics. May be this book will open a new window for you to see the world in different perspective.

While going through the pages of Kaleidoscope, you may recall that play ground, where today stands a huge skyscraper. The other page may take you to a village, where the birds are protesting against child marriage. A ray of smile may come to your face, the next moment you may start thinking “ eh, no! it should be stopped !”. My friend, that very thought will be your addition to the Kaleidoscope. In Kaleidoscope, you will find a young girl is stuck in the conflict between religion and love, while another of her age is exploring Gandhigiri to change the society.

Kaleidoscope is a amazing collage with the shades of emotions ! It’s not a fabricated story, in Kaleidoscope the youths have shared their experiences and perspectives towards life.

The interesting fact is that, none of these youngsters are so called ‘artists’. Some of them have drawn for the first time. If these pieces of black and white comics stimulate some thoughts within you, then we will feel that the efforts have been fruitful.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In our society youths are expected to respect the elder people. If any youth talk against the functioning of existing system, his/ her voice / concern is often interpreted as a rebellion nature of the next generation. The focus is then shifts immediately from the issue to changing culture (rather degradation of culture) where today’s youth do not pay enough respect to elderly. Often this becomes a big problem for the youth to communicate the issues they concern about. So, in order overcome the problem an alternative media is required which could convey the message without offending others.

Comics are an interesting and creative means of expression. The most important aspect of it is that one can give strong message in a very light hearted and non – threatening manner. As grassroots comics is an easy and interesting tool to put forward one’s view, youth can use it to raise their voices on the issues they concern the most.
Comics made by Jaypratap Haldar on child marriage:

(Jaypratap studies in class eight. In his village marriage at the age of 13-14 is usual practice. He made a comics to raise his voice against the early marriage.)


Act of Ballal Sen: By Joypratap Halder (Ballal Sen was a well known king of Bengal)

One day while coming back from school Tuni met a bird named Ballal Sen. She was surprised to hear such name of a bird. The bird then said that he has named himself Ballal Sen as he stands against injustice. After few days, another bird informed Ballal that his friend Tuni is being married early. Ballal felt this injustice and decided to stand against it as that girl is deprived from proper development. Ballal along with other birds went to meet Tuni’s father. They told her father not to marry Tuni as her body is not ready for it. Her father got annoyed initially. Ballal said that we are not just giving lecture but are trying to open his eyes. Her father then realised and stopped the marriage ceremony. Tuni was very happy, invited all birds for dinner and thanked them.
Comics made by Bapi Naskar on corporal punishment:
Bapi is a student of class nine, want to see humanity in the people around him especially in his village, Srikrishnanagar, South 24 Parganas

Why are you beating: By Bapi Naskar

In a school, the teacher enquired about homework from Bhelu. But, Bhelu was unable to do homework as his mother was sick. The teacher got angry, thrashed Bhelu as he felt Bhelu was telling a lie. Another teacher while passing by saw the teacher beating Bhelu. In the evening while returning home, the teacher enquired about the reason of beating Bhelu. He enquired whether beating Bhelu has done any good, whether Bhelu learned that homework. The role of teachers is to make their future bright and we don’t have the right to beat them. The teacher who bashed Bhelu said that he has never thought it in this perspective and thanked him for showing this perspective.